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About Us

Lt's Corner Store - groceries, meats, dairy and treats

Here is some history about local business LT's Corner Store.

According to "The People of Souris Glenwood", 2006, the first store at 15 - 1st street south was operated by Corb & Will Haigh Bros. Over the years it passed through12 owners before landing with current owners Lon & Loretta Turner, becoming LT's Corner Store. The Turners purchased the building in December 2016 - the former Robbins Fine Foods had ceased operation in June 2015 according to a calendar they found with "today's date". The Turner's did extensive renovations and during the demo of the ceiling they found a lot of history, including old newspapers that were used as insulation dating back to the early 1900's.

As Loretta (Janz) was born & raised in Souris, she had fond memories of frequenting Jerry's, Bob's & Doug's for candy and later social tickets. Wanting a similar feel, they named the store LT's Corner Store. LT's opened it's doors on July 13, 2017, and operates 364 days a year.

Every summer, when former residents ``come home" to Souris and stop in at LT's, Loretta gets to hear their stories of reminiscing. "I remember the candy counter, it was there." (pointing a little to the right) "We would come from school; which was across the street where the gas station is, and buy gumballs for a penny." While the cost of candy has gone up, a traditional candy counter was an important feature the Turners wanted to include. During the first 3 years, customers could come in and "pick & choose" their candy at a price of 4 for 25 cents. Unfortunately, when the Covid 19 pandemic hit, customers lost this ability, as LT's had to do their best to get customers in and out as quickly as possible and avoid the bottleneck at the candy counter. But knowing their customer base, they also knew the candies had to stay! So now they offer pre-made mixed candy bags for $1 or $2 keeping with the 4 for 25 cents that staff make ahead of time. The misconception is there that the candy is for the kids, when in actuality, the adults like them just as much!

Lon & Loretta believe in good customer service, quality affordable products, supporting the community through their convenient hours and support of local events and groups.

LT's operates as a small grocery store and employs 1 full time staff and 4 part-time staff besides Lon, Loretta & children.

LT's Corner Store is proud to be an active part of and support the community! We offer local products in store from: J&S Meats, Minary Bakery, Cafe & Vida, Plaza Petals, The Honey House, Bison Spirit Ranch and the Souris Valley Flyer. We are also very active within the Souris & Glenwood Chamber of Commerce.

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